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Freedom Security Alliance is now SOCBOX! The last several years have helped us clearly identify our strengths, and with that understanding came the need for a new approach; we needed to show what we offer in a simple, memorable way, and effectively communicate that value to our clients. After over a year of hard work and research, SOCBOX was born.


New Name:



Our Security Operations Center, or SOC, is the foundation of our cybersecurity services. At our SOC, we’ve crafted a powerful combination of people, tools, and education. All of them are integral parts of a complete security posture, but the SOC is the core of what we do.



Part of our mission is to make cybersecurity easy: no long-term commitments to a tool or service, no managing multiple points of contact for each, and less drain on your IT department. Basically, we take everything you need, put it in a box, and power it with our SOC. That focus and simplicity is what inspired our new name: SOCBOX.


To fully reflect our new focus on our core strengths, however, more than a name change was needed; we needed a new brand.


New Brand:


Cybersecurity is the “vitamin” of the tech world; people know they really should have it, but without an immediately apparent problem, it just isn’t a high priority for them. Which leads to our conundrum:


How can we help organizations to see cybersecurity as the must-have that it really is?


Problem #1: Because of the technical nature of the cybersecurity world, there’s often so much jargon that only other IT professionals or security experts can keep up.


Solution: SOCBOX emphasizes education, not just of your organization’s employees, but of everyone—from started-a-business-in-their-garage entrepreneurs to C-level execs. We aim for a conversational, informative voice to engage readers of all experience levels.


Problem #2: Due in part to the technical jargon, cybersecurity and IT topics are usually pretty dry (and, dare we say, boring) for those outside the industry (and often even those inside).


Solution: SOCBOX is high-energy and encourages engagement and interaction with visitors. We’re excited about what we do and the potential it has to change the world. We like to imagine a world without data breaches or cybercrime. Our favorite thing is to share our excitement with others, and our referral and reseller program allows everybody to get involved! We’ve even thrown in a little extra motivation in the form of gift cards and other prizes.


What Does This Mean for Me as a Client?

You’ll continue to receive the same great service as always, with no interruption. Current plans are not changing, and our team will continue to work diligently to offer new tools and solutions to keep your security in top shape. We are confident that our renewed focus will only better the services we provide to our clients.


We’re genuinely grateful to our growing client base for helping us get here. We’re extremely excited about our new name and brand, and believe it’ll contribute to our ultimate goal of making the world more secure.


If you’re looking to partner with a world-class team of cybersecurity experts, whether to manage your existing security services or to start from scratch, SOCBOX is ready to help. Schedule a free consultation with one of our engineers today.