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From SOCBOX Leadership Team

Our mission statement reads, in part: “Our company exists for the purpose of providing elite, premium, white-glove value-based service to our clients and a high quality of life for our employees.” To that end, we are dedicated to creating the best work environment for our team. At the same time, we also want to solve more problems for more businesses. This requires growth—both in the number of our team members and the quality of our services.  

It’s impossible to know everything; even in one particular discipline, there is no end to what you can learn and improve. As the leadership team, we strive to lead by example in holding ourselves to a higher standard, asking for feedback and counsel, and taking advantage of education to further our knowledge.

Over this past year, we’ve focused more and more on strengthening the foundation of SOCBOX: our vision and our core values. These define us as an organization, they shape our team, and they drive us to provide better service every day. Our team knows what we do, they know how we operate and what we expect, but having our vision and core values clearly defined helps keep everybody on the same page in terms of our goals and how we plan to reach them.  

Growth is usually accompanied by growing pains, but we accept these as positive markers: signs that we’re headed in the right direction. One of our core values is “Humble and Adaptable.” Without humility, we can’t recognize a need for improvement, and without adaptability, we couldn’t survive and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of technology. This core value moves us to search out opportunities for growth and refinement as leaders and as business partners.  

For the last several months, we’ve been closely examining the methods we use to track goals and performance, and we’ve seen the need to make an adjustment.

For most of us, our actions and behavior don’t always align with what we believe and care about. For example, we may believe that it’s important to be healthy, and that eating well and exercising are important to be healthy—but do our actions support that belief? Are we exercising regularly or taking steps to improve our routine? Not always.

In a similar fashion, our beliefs and values here at SOCBOX—growth, adapting, and creating a great work environment—are not always aligned with our behavior. We don’t mean our team; our people are awesome at what they do, and we love working alongside them!  Rather, as the leadership team, we want to make a commitment to align our actions more closely with our company goals and vision.

We had key performance indicators, or KPIs, in place, but we found that they were not all aligned closely with our vision. To that end, we are introducing new KPIs for each team to make sure that what we track and aim for moves us closer to our goal.

Our ultimate goal is to do right by those that depend on us—our clients and their teams, our employees and their families, and our partners. The responsibility that we have towards these people is a part of everything we do.  

The most successful sports teams are often called “tight”, meaning that they operate efficiently, demonstrate good teamwork, and don’t waste time or energy. How does a team become “tight”? Its coach sets clear expectations for the team and motivates each player to meet and exceed those standards. This direction and guidance helps players step up their game and achieve more than they thought possible. Helping athletes refine their skills to reach and exceed their best is the mark of a great coach, and creates an environment that fosters improvement and success.

When we set clear expectations and goals for our team, we dignify each team member and create a space for constructive conversation. We regularly encourage each SOCBOX employee to write down their goals every day and discuss them with their team lead to see how we can help them reach those goals.  

Every day, we’re getting better and better.

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