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SOCBOX is based on seven core values, or guiding principles, that shape our goals and actions. Our core values are:

  • Elite ‘Raving Fan’ Culture
  • Humble & Adaptable
  • Cutting-Edge Expertise
  • Team Unity
  • Hard Work
  • Constructive Communication
  • Teach & Delegate

Because these principles form the underpinnings of our entire existence as a company, we want to delve into what each of these really mean and how they shape our behavior. This article is the first in a series featuring our core values.


Cutting-Edge Expertise

As an MSSP, or Managed Security Service Provider, we form a defensive wall around our clients to protect their environment from cyberthreats. Sometimes we become their entire cybersecurity department; other times we add a secondary layer of protection to support their existing team’s efforts. Since we are toolset-agnostic, working with whatever tools and services clients already have in place, the environments we protect vary greatly. To be able to secure these environments requires a high degree of multi-faceted technical expertise. Plus, the cyberthreat landscape evolves particularly fast, so it takes constant dedicated effort to stay ahead of the curve.


Finding New BOXers with Cutting-Edge Expertise

Since the level of knowledge and skills required for a security analyst at an MSSP is higher, we have a higher standard for experience when we’re expanding the team. Some of this will be learned through on-the-job training after hiring, but other criteria are prerequisites for becoming a SOCBOXer.

To make sure we’re hiring team members that will fit our culture and core values, we don’t just look at applicants’ hard data, like certifications or education; we’re also looking for personality traits. Some of our other core values include being humble and adaptable, being able to communicate constructively, teach, and work well in a team. All of these are important qualities, but especially humility, because it’s a key factor in being teachable. If you’re teachable, the rest of it can be learned. Someone who has a good foundation of experience and knowledge but is still eager to learn more becomes unstoppable.


How Do We Keep It Up?

Generally, when you start a new job, you get a lot of training and handholding up front, and then as you get the hang of things, that structured learning all but disappears. That’s natural; you’re now spending your time doing what you were hired to do. So how can we maintain that emphasis on gaining more knowledge while still getting the job done?

To keep our company culture focused on training, we host weekly team meetings. Everybody on the team is either studying to take a new certification exam or studying to refresh their skills on certifications they already have. We host lunch-and-learns several times a year, where vendor partners or engineers present on various subjects. We have a wide range of vendor partnerships with security tools and services, so we work with our partners to give us extensive training on their tool until we know it even better than they do.  

We also use LinkedIn Learning regularly, with a combination of management-chosen and self-driven learning paths. In addition to the videos already offered by LinkedIn, team members post their own how-to and educational videos to build our knowledge base.

Our clients run the gamut of industries—from law firms to manufacturers to brokers to healthcare facilities. Most of these are required to comply with different industry or federal regulations. In order to be a true partner, we need to understand their environment and what compliance entails, so our trainings include industry-specific information to make sure our team is on the same page with our clients.


What’s In It For You?

We see many businesses that are still hobbling along on outdated systems because “it gets the job done.” But older systems have less (if any) support and more security flaws.

Not keeping pace with developments in the cybersecurity world is like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Things change from day to day—even minute to minute. To consistently repel these attacks, you need your defenses to be top-notch, evolving with the threats.

At SOCBOX, we’re constantly working to stay ahead of the game—seeing what’s new and learning how to apply that knowledge to strengthen your defenses.

Ready to work with a team of cutting-edge experts? Call us at 877-284-7789 or email us today.