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Anybody else feel like they’re living on video conferences now? Since COVID-19 hit the United States, many businesses are transitioning to remote work—us included. For some, this is a hard switch to make; we put together a checklist to help businesses set up a remote workforce. Fortunately for us, the nature of our work lends itself well to working outside of the office.   

Actual setup is only half the battle, though. Business owners also need to think about how to lead a scattered team that’s used to physical proximity. Maintaining company culture and routine will help stabilize your business during this rough time. Here are a few things we’re doing at SOCBOX:


  1. Dress Code

Our team still dresses like we’re going to the office; it gets us in the right frame of mind for work, and allows us to jump on a video call with a prospect or client at a moment’s notice.


  1. Department Touchbase

Every afternoon, each department has a quick meeting to make sure everybody’s on track. If anybody needs assistance, this can be discussed and handled swiftly.


  1. Client Communications

When San Diego announced shelter-in-place guidelines, we immediately started to reach out to our clients. It was (and is) a busy time; we assured everyone that no matter what they were dealing with, they’d have our full support!


  1. Pumping Up the Team

Quality service is one of SOCBOX’s hallmarks, and hearing great feedback from satisfied customers reminds us of our goal. We have a dedicated Teams chat for sharing props with the entire team, and we also share them during our daily huddles. Team members can also brag on a coworker who did a fantastic job or worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help drive a client’s success. These stories feed back into our core values: team unity, hard work, and creating an elite Raving Fan culture.


Adjusting to Remote Work

With more of the team now working from home, and engineers doing in-person client visits only when absolutely necessary, we’ve made a few adjustments to make sure the whole team is staying up-to-date and united.  


  1. All Hands Stand-Up Meeting

We used to do this meeting weekly, but now we’re having it daily. Each morning, all employees join a 15-minute video meeting. Our management team shares recent wins, internal updates, and positive motivations to keep the team focused on success. These stories and tips are centered around our core values, keeping our company culture at the forefront.


  1. Storytime!

This is something new we’re trying; during our daily meeting, we hear from one or two team members about what they’re doing to stay positive and productive during this stressful time. We’ve heard about new workout routines, garage DIY projects, learning new languages and programs—and seeing everybody’s pets and tiny humans is a plus! It definitely lends a light and fun feel to our daily discussions.


  1. Virtual Happy Hour

It’s no surprise this was one of the first things some businesses adopted after going remote; humans are social animals! We already had a tradition of doing happy hour once or twice a month before COVID-19, so it was only natural to move it to our virtual workspace. Teammates can relax, share a beer and swap stories from home.



Most of these aren’t gamechangers or ground-breaking ideas; we just wanted to share a few thoughts on what’s helping the SOCBOX team keep busy and stay positive! How has your business adapted to working remotely?

If you need help getting your team set up to work remotely, let us know; we’re happy to help. If you’re not sure your team has what it needs to be successful with remote work, we’re providing a free assessment.  Call us at 877-284-7789 or contact us here today.