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Last year, Trickbot gained popularity as the malware of choice for cybercriminals. Now, security researchers are warning that these Trickbot attacks are making a comeback. Initially starting as a banking trojan, hackers use the malware’s ability to propagate itself further to their advantage. From there, infected machines fall susceptible to malicious payloads, including ransomware. Hackers also have the ability to exfiltrate mail, point-of-sale data, and even user data.

The victims of these attacks are predominantly in the legal and insurance industries, and phishing emails are the main vector of spread to the affected companies. These emails encourage victims to click a link that redirects them to a download for a malicious payload.

An advisory on Trickbot by international security task forces recommends that organizations use the latest supported versions of operating systems to lessen their risk. They are also encouraged to regularly apply security patches to reduce the attack surface by lessening vulnerabilities.

SOCBOX strongly encourages our partners to collaborate with us to set up security awareness training for your team. This can create a culture of security within your organization by increasing awareness of social engineering tactics. Protection starts with education! Contact us today, and we can help defend your organization against these attacks.