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“I’ve already got internal cybersecurity or IT; why do I need a managed security service provider?” Have you wondered this? As a managed security service provider, or MSSP, we get this question a lot, and it often springs from a misunderstanding of what an MSSP does. We’re not here to replace your team; we’re here to support it.

Why Does Your Team Need Support?

Whether you have a team of several IT experts or the one “IT guy” that handles everything technical, an MSSP becomes your partner in cybersecurity. There are new criminal methodologies emerging daily, and it’s impossible for a small team to keep up, especially when their day is already filled with their normal tasks related to your business operations.


On top of that, your team is usually on a 9-to-5 schedule. What about the other 16 hours? Who is monitoring your environment? Often, it’s an automated security system, which drops a bunch of alerts in your team’s inbox to deal with the following morning.


How an MSSP Can Help

If you think of your business like a castle (one of our favorite metaphors), a managed security service provider becomes the outer wall and defense system. In the same way that a moat, strong walls, and watchmen repel many would-be medieval intruders, your MSSP partner stops many threats before they even get close to your valuable data. Your own team is the internal castle guard, patrolling the grounds, but they’re not alone. With an MSSP, your team gets:


  • Access to enterprise-level toolsets: Many of the best cybersecurity tools for small businesses are designed for and marketed to large enterprises—at large enterprise price points. Because MSSPs use these tools for many clients, they can offer economies of scale, making valuable resources affordable for smaller organizations. These may include SIEM tools, antivirus software, managed detection services, staff training, network security monitoring, single sign-on options, stolen credential monitoring, and more.
  • 24/7 monitoring: An MSSP like SOCBOX offers SOC-as-a-service or security-as-a-service. A SOC, or Security Operations Center, gives you eyes-on-glass 24/7—a team of security experts watching your environment around the clock, letting your 9-to-5 team rest easy.
  • Proactive Security Business Planning: Each of our partner gets a quarterly document that gives recommendations to strengthen their internal defenses. We look at what it takes to keep your environment secure in the midst of an ever-evolving cyber world and make suggestions to improve your security posture. It also gives us an opportunity to strengthen communications with your team, finding out more about how current solutions and products are working.
  • Confirming Your Defenses: Protecting your valuable data against intruders is a huge task, and the rest of your staff could be unknowingly sabotaging your IT team’s efforts if they are not trained on criminal tactics. A successful phishing attack can grant a criminal access to your critical systems. An MSSP offers services like penetration testing, compliance audits, phishing and social engineering campaigns to help your team see where the security gaps are that they need to focus on.
  • Expertise: In order to protect your organization, we need to know the software, the tools, the trends, and the new threats. That’s why we have internal training goals and requirements to make sure that our staff keeps up to date on the latest news, tools, and certifications.
  • Cost Savings: The cost of hiring an MSSP to strengthen your cybersecurity posture is significantly less than the cost of hiring an additional in-house employee—and you get a whole team instead of just one person.


SOCBOX is a managed security services provider that specializes in SOC-as-a-service, with a Security Operations Center located in San Diego, CA. We want to be your castle defense system—contact us or call us today at 877-284-7789 to find out how your organization can benefit from an MSSP partner.